Holiday 12 th – 23 rd of October

Holiday substitudes for MUDr. Lagrange 



Substitude:      acute ilness only, e prescription only personally                                    

MUDr. Lucie Jordáková         

Kartouzská 6, budova A          

Praha 5                                           

Tel: 257 314 722                   


Substitude: non english speaker

 MUDr. Ivana Kučerová

 Kartouzská 6, budova A

 Praha  5         

 Tel: 257 328 035

22.-23.10.2018 nurse is present, only in czech comunication

Akutně vyšetří MUDr. Balingová Ivana , vchod E 4.patro polikliniky, telefon 222928336

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New price list 2018

New price list

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Sick notes – important information

Sick note can be issued a maximum of 3 days retroactively!

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eRecept is a modern form of electronic prescription – a personally visit of a doctor is not required for prescription to the drug. eRecept can be sent to you via an e-mail or directly to your phone via a message (SMS). When visiting the pharmacy you have to identify by a unique code (a cell-phone message or an email). The pharmacist has to verify a code and your health insurance card to get information about medication to prescribe as well as its dosage. Use of eRecept concerns mainly patients who are taking certain medications regularly and in a long term.

More information (in Czech language only): eRecept

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The new law Occupational medicine services (april 2012)

The new law Occupational medicine services has been published on 1.4. 2012. Required document available to download on page Services.

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